Cartoyz Carwash Tint Center not only tints vehicles in Lake Havasu City Arizona, but Cartoyz also can professionally tint your home or commercial building.

Only a few degrees in temperature reduction can have up to a 25% reduction in cooling costs, due to the laws of thermodynamics. It requires considerable amounts of energy to remove heat from a room through air conditioning. During peak summer times in the middle of the day, loads on air conditioning systems can be reduced enough to turn off entire units or to install a less costly system.

In addition to the energy saving benefits, solar window film can increase thermal comfort, reduce glare, while at the same time rejecting 99% of the UV radiation reducing fading and the risk of skin cancer.


Cartoyz Carwash Center has professional tint shop technicians that can service you with all your vehicle tinting needs. With over 20yrs experience, you will be sure to be impressed with their precision and craftsmanship as they service your vehicle when you arrive.

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  • Guaranteed Forever "in writing"
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Fade Resistant
  • Keeps out 98% of UV rays
  • Knowledgeable Staff that are up to date with state laws

Cartoyz is auto dealers choice for
new vehicle tint work!